About Business Synthesis

Business Synthesis is a sales, marketing, and business development enterprise. Because you need to focus on your day-to-day operation, we take care of the commercial performance. From driving product development through closing sales deals or leading your sales teams, up to managing your business unit, we can support you.

Therefore we drive product development, take care of your go-to-market strategy, organize market introduction, create efficient distribution channels and execute marketing & sales programs.

With the best long-term results in mind, we provide our services. Either as an agent, a partner, a consultant, a trainer a coach or as an interim professional, whatever delivers the best result for you.

In 2009 we started in the software and services industry. Since then have expanded our client base to other industries like healthcare, pharma, energy and professional training.

First of all, our priority is to increase your commercial performance by creating a synthesis of your and our strengths. Most of all, the result will be the creation of long-term value for your company.

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