Sales Enablement

Klozers Sales Enablement Business Synthesis

With Klozers Sales Institutes Learning Program we offer:

  • Actionable and practical steps.
  • Interaction with classmates and trainers.
  • Train and coach geographically dispersed teams.
  • Training materials online available, anytime, anyplace.
  • Unrestricted access.
  • Ongoing reinforcement.
  • 1-to-1 follow-up coaching.

With Klozers Sales Institutes Learning Program you save:

  • Hotel & accommodation cost.
  • Expensive travel cost.
  • Time out of the field, away from clients.

To maximize the commercial performance, you need continuously coach and train your sales teams. Making sure the salespeople produce the right behavior and have the required skills.
You have noticed that the typical two-day intensive off-site sales training made some of the change you wanted. However, in many cases, you see after some time that all most nothing has improved.

That comes because people forget on average 50 % of the information received during regular training within one hour! Moreover, after a week a staggering 90 % of the information is nowhere to be found. Humans learn 70% by doing, 20% by watching and 10% by discussing.

That is why we use the Klozers Sales Institute Learning Program; it focuses on the 70% doing!

This online, interactive and blended sales enablement platform presents students each month with a specific set of sales actions. The students must complete the assigned steps during the month before they can progress to the work of next month.

In this way, slowly but surely the behavior and skills of your sales managers and salespeople grow.

Moreover, the sales teams will deliver a better sales performance!