Interim Professional

Sometimes you have an unexpected vacancy because an employee pursues “other career opportunities”. Or you assigned a team member to other responsibilities. Or you need to staff a project for a specific period. In those situations, you need an experienced professional to continue your business.

Our interim professional takes on a specific project or takes care of the day-to-day business for a limited period.

The professionals accept assignments for a period up to twelve months. Next, our experienced and skilled interim staff works for more than 15 years, as a sales, marketing, business development or business operation manager. They accept each engagement with enthusiasm and customer obsession; energizing your organization.

Our professionals develop and implement your commercial strategy, lead a project that changes the sales and marketing function or its staff. Alternatively, our professionals cover a critical sales, marketing or operation management position on short notice.

We work for you based on your needs; full-time or part-time.

Therefore, because we are “outsiders,” our focus, objectivity, and experience from other companies help you to get results. Especially when it requires tough or unpopular decisions when you need to, for example: 

  • Identify new markets and drive business development. 
  • Enter new markets or adjust to business-critical market dynamics.
  • Set up new sales and fulfillment processes, systems or procedures.
  • Drive product launches and market introductions.
Sales Coach Business Synthesis

Therefore, we offer many advantages:

  • Experience – interim professionals are “over-qualified” for their work. 
  • Results – accustomed to a performance-oriented assessment, so results are guaranteed.
  • Knowledge Transfer– they will move a massive amount of skills, contacts, and experience to your team.
  • Objectivity – with an eye for the work culture within the company, but not limited by company politics, personalities or fixed habits.
  • Targeted – specific assigned tasks , and their performance can be measured accordingly.
  • Strategic and Operational – the big difference with advisors is that afterward, we help to implement the chosen strategy.