Commercial Performance Services

Business Synthesis works for small, medium and large size enterprises.  First of all, we have supported United States based enterprises with market introductions in Europe.  For another global operating company, we lead the commercial product development across Europe and the United States.  

Also, we have driven the growth and international expansion of a Dutch scale-up.  For another European enterprise, we have restructured the Dutch business unit.  Dutch enterprises we assisted with product development, go-to-market strategy, and arranging partnerships and alliances.  Furthermore, we have performed the sales and marketing activities for start- and scales-ups.   

Rather than helping companies maintain their status quo, we strive to improve their commercial performance.

Most of all, we provide our services based on your needs:

  1. Sales agency services; we market your solution, hunt and close deals for you, our fees are mainly commission based.
  2. Interim professionals; we manage or improve your organization, processes, programs or materials, we charge you a service fee.
  3. Sales enablement; we align your sales team capabilities and behavior to your objectives, you pay a subscription fee.

While we thrive on improving your performance; you deserve it!

We love to improve your sales performance;
you deserve it!